Markets & Clients


DYM Stamping Solutions participates in several industries:

  • Electric

  • Automotive

  • Motors

  • Access & locks

  • Appliances

Our commitment to excellence spans industries and we excel in specific market segments.

Electric Industry

DYM Stamping Solutions is a vital contributor to the electric industry, offering mechanical assemblies and safety components of unparalleled quality. Our dedication to precision and safety has earned us a remarkable position in the market, with over 80% of the breakers manufactured in Mexico featuring our components. We take pride in being a trusted partner in the electric sector, providing reliable and innovative solutions that ensure the safety and functionality of electrical systems, contributing to the industry’s success.

Automotive Industry

As a TS-certified company, DYM Stamping Solutions proudly serves one of the most dynamic industries in NAFTA—the automotive sector. Our dedication to quality and precision is evident in our production of critical components such as airbags, window control switches, and a variety of overmolded and stamped products. We understand the importance of safety, performance, and innovation in the automotive industry, and our TS certification is a testament to our commitment to meeting and exceeding the stringent requirements of this ever-evolving sector.

Motors Industry

DYM Stamping Solutions plays a pivotal role in the motors industry, driven by our unwavering engineering passion. We produce components for diesel motors and heat exchangers, ensuring efficiency and reliability in demanding applications. Additionally, our expertise extends to electric motor components, contributing to the advancement of sustainable and high-performance technologies. At DYM, we are committed to precision and quality in the motors sector, aligning our engineering expertise with the ever-evolving needs of this vital industry.

Access Industry

In the access industry, DYM Stamping Solutions is renowned for its ingenious and reliable production of high-security latch components, as well as plates for handles and levers. Our commitment to precision and innovation ensures the integrity and dependability of these critical components. Whether it’s enhancing security or improving the ergonomics of access systems, our solutions stand as a testament to our dedication to excellence in this industry.

Appliances Industry

DYM Stamping Solutions proudly serves the appliances industry through a significant partnership with the largest capacitor manufacturer globally, Nueva Generación Manufacturas (NG). Together, we create top-quality components for their capacitors, which are virtually found in every household appliance worldwide. Our commitment to delivering precision and excellence in the production of these components ensures that households worldwide benefit from safe, reliable, and efficient appliances, powered by our ingenuity and dedication to quality.